Why Great Customer Service Can Mean Money in the Bank

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I recently was looking into Squarespace to develop a new website for myself. You’ve probably seen the Super Bowl ad with John Malkovich. I had new product to launch, so I was looking for alternatives to WordPress.

Since I had used an online development tool before (Unbounce for landing pages), I seriously considered Squarespace. I also know of one person who has used Squarespace, and she said it was easy to set up. She had no web experience so it was perfect for her. Since I had lots of experience in the web space, I was wondering if it would be too limiting for me.

But that wasn’t a worry for me, because my site was going to be as basic as it gets. I was all set to sign up with Squarespace until I read all the reviews on TrustPilot.com

To summarize, Squarespace (a major advertiser) has an average rating of 1.25 stars out of 5 on Trust Pilot (a premiere product ratings site). The number one reason? Poor customer service.

I read the reviews carefully. I wanted to see if the bad reviews were about the product features or something else. As the title of this post implies, that something else was customer service.

Here are businesses that skyrocketed based on superior customer service.

  • GoDaddy—Great customer service. Longest wait time for me: 2.25 minutes.
  • Amazon—Built an empire based solely on customer service. I never had a hassle returning something.
  • Zappos—Built its business on the same premise. Return anything at any time for any reason.

While looking into this matter further, I noticed that Squarespace was incredibly cheap ($18 for the Business Edition) . With such a low revenue stream (and big budget Super Bowl ads), they really can’t afford a lot of phone or e-mail support. The result? Very poor ratings.

Here are some other products I use and their price points.

  • Unbounce—Great support. Always answers e-mails and chat box. Product $99/month
  • SpyFu—Great support. Always answers e-mails and chat box. Product: $70/month

I gladly pay $99 and $70 per month for the security of knowing I can ask someone a question and get an answer right away. That to me is priceless.

What ways can you offer great support to your customer and raise the price of your offerings?

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