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If you’re considering hiring a full-time direct-response copywriter, you’re at the right place.

I would love to help you generate thousands of new leads every month–like I did for my most recent employer.


Generate millions of dollars a month

Currently, I am in the market for a full-time direct-response copywriter role.

In my most recent position I achieved the following:

  • Generated over 5,000 leads per month through my promotional emails, Facebook ads, lead magnets, and landing pages.

  • Generated over $2 million dollars monthly through my follow-up sales emails, sales pages, and offer pages.

Some of my stats are as follows:

  • Email open rate AVG: 42% (industry avg: 21%)

  • Email CTR AVG: 3.1% (industry avg: 2.3%

  • Webinar attendance rate AVG: 32% (increased by 28%)

I’ve written over…

  • 1,350 promotional emails for webinars and other online events (paid and unpaid)

  • 250 sales emails--generating hundreds of thousands of dollars ($$$) from each campaign.

I increased Strategy Sessions by over 53% by rewriting opt-in pages that weren’t performing.

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Let’s get on a call to see how I can help your Marketing Department.

My best contact number is 203-209-5284

You can email me at:

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Ash Waechter

BTW: the name is pronounced Weckter. (I didn’t come up with that name. Someone else did a long, long time ago. It means “The Watcher,” the sentinel or guardian. That’s me!)

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