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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. After the webinars, attendees can get discounted prices on their primary service package, which sells for $2,997.

What did they want?

An email series to promote their monthly webinar series.

My approach to the copy

 This approach was to dig a little into the pain of what people were feeling in 2020—coming off the fake pandemic. Many people were uncertain about their futures and the future of America.

I wanted to meet them where they were. As Robert Collier once said, “You need to enter the conversation already going on in their head.”

I wanted to empathize that during challenging times, criminal activities rise. This means that they need to be extra diligent in protecting their assets. And this was true. There were a lot of frivolous lawsuits beginning in 2020, and experts feared many more.

I also showed clear benefits of attending the event and why it was urgent to protect their assets.


Because this event was held every month and we were sent to the same list, the copy needed to be fresh and arouse curiosity.

Also, the landing page for these emails was the same for every campaign. Therefore, more needed to be said in the emails.


These events proved to be quite profitable. My email copy for these events helped them grow from 800 to over 4,000 sign-ups every month we held these events.

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