No Free Call Coaching System… Part 3

What’s the best way to combat the “lack of good clients” problem in a new depressed economy?

Let’s start with what NOT to do:

1) Drive people to your website and let them decide what to do.

Faced with too many choices, people often no choice is made at all.

You must have a clear choice from which to choose.

For my clients, it’s a PAID call. Nothing else.

2) Spend money on advertising without a clear system in place to recoup your money.

Otherwise, you will see your wallet drain quickly.

3) Waste time on social media without a systematic approach to monetizing your efforts.

The best way to retain high-value clients is for your clients to pay for a call the first time.

That’s right!

Forget about the Free Consultations… the dreaded “free coaching” call… and the leads that go nowhere.

The solution is to have a clear and deliberate system. A system that is designed to get clients to pay you on the very first call with you.

Later, I will show you my two-step system that brings in pre-paid clients right to your door.

No more free calls!

No more tire-kickers!

No more people wanting to “pick your brain” for an hour!

And no more deciding how much value you should give during a free call.

All that is eliminated when you use this two-step system for generating qualified clients.

Who am I, and what’s my story?

I’m Ash Waechter (rhymes with Hector), and I discovered a simple two-step system of attracting high-level coaching clients.

Today, things are running like clockwork.

But it wasn’t always that way…

I had been promoting my copywriting business for 10 years.

Although I had great clients who loved me and wanted to work with me, I wasn’t getting enough of those perfect clients we all dream about.

Copywriting is a very crowded space, and it seemed like everyone wanted to be a copywriter.

I needed a way to stand out and get more traffic. Little did I know that my problem was bigger than I thought.

Finally, out of frustration, I reached to a Digital Marketing Coach.

We set up a call.

On this 75-minute call, she told me what I was doing wrong and what I could do to improve my sagging business.

After this call, I had a transformational shift, and I completely changed my business around.

It was the best $250 I had ever spent!

This one coaching call saved me from days, weeks, and months of frustration and spinning my wheels—in which I calculated to be over $7,000.

I had wasted way too much time on FREE information on YouTube, Facebook groups, and reading blogs.

This one call fast-forwarded my learning and skyrocketed my business.

Before that call, I was struggling

I came up with a lot of products, courses, and blog posts to attract paying clients.

I quickly realized that these were all just gimmicks to get someone to call me so that I could sell them on my copywriting services.

I got way too many people who were calling because they were “just wondering” about my …prices…deadlines… or services—all of which were clearly indicated on my website!

Very frustrating.

I wasted too much time offering FREE marketing advice, with very few people buying my marketing and copywriting services.

My Big A-Ha! Moment

One day, while lying in bed, I had a revelation.

I looked back on how my Digital Marketing Coach had transformed my whole business with just one call.

I recognized that it was a paid call–NOT a Free Consultation to sell me on some larger “coaching package.”

paid for a service, and I got it.

So, instead of wasting time on writing and creating blogs, YouTube videos, and other “sales” materials, I decided to just cut to the chase and sell my consulting services directly without any marketing gimmicks.

Although there were some bumps in the road, I never had anyone talk my ear off for FREE marketing advice ever again!

I created a simple system where if someone wanted my marketing expertise, they were going to pay for it.

No more freebies!

And if they liked what they had heard and wanted more, they could hire me for one of my higher-level copywriting services.

I created a pre-paid coaching call strategy that I call

The Pre-Paid Client Attraction System

I never looked back.

How does this all work?

It’s very simple.

Here’s what you need…

Step 1: A tempting offer

The problem with most Life Coaches is that they are trying to sell “coaching.”

No one searches for or buys “coaching.” They seek and buy SOLUTIONS.

Using The Pre-Paid Client Attraction System, your offer is a pre-paid coaching call that will provide a solution to your clients’ problems.

Your offer must include a specific solution to your prospect’s problem.

The key is to be specific in your offering. When you are, you will attract the right clients like a magnet.

Many people love and will continue to seek free information on the Internet.

HOWEVER, there are also tons of people who want to talk to someone (one person, not a group on Facebook) about their problems.

YOU are that person.

And they will gladly pay for the privilege.

(Because you are charging money for this call, you can afford to send tons of traffic using online advertising.)

Step 2: A reliable traffic source

What is a reliable traffic source?

A reliable traffic source is a paid traffic source—such as Facebook ads or Google ads.

These will provide you with consistent traffic that you need to run a consistent income-generating coaching business.

Without this consistent traffic, your business will fail.

Yes, you do pay for it.

However, you are NOT advertising for a Free Consultation or a free webinar.

You are advertising for a PAID coaching call. This is the only way you can afford to advertise.

Why this works so well
Using a pre-paid coaching call strategy, you can present a better version of yourself to your clients.

Once you get real clients paying you real money on the first call, your whole world will open up.

Easier to upgrade clients
Since your client (on a paid call) has already paid for one of your offerings, they are much more likely to inquire about one of your higher-level coaching packages.

Often times, they sell themselves!

I’ve had many clients say, “Ash, this info sounds great, and it’s so helpful. What are the next steps? If I need more help, do you have another offering?”

I do.

And I never have to sell anyone on anything.

They sell themselves.

Not everyone, of course.

But that’s okay because they’ve already paid me for my time.

That’s all that I need to keep my business thriving.

Would you like to have a system in place that attracts more PAYING clients to your Life Coaching business without resorting to Free Consultations or “free coaching” gimmicks?

If so, then click the green button below to see how you can get started in keeping your business moving forward in the new economy.