No Free Call Coaching System… Part 2

Having a Life Coaching Business Isn’t Easy

It’s a big world out there—with lots of competition and lots of bad advice on how to market your life coaching business.

Unfortunately, many coaches fail before getting started. Don’t let that happen to you!

You’ve probably had big dreams…

You set up a simple website and told people who you were and what you do.

You imagined you would get a flood of clients. Okay, maybe not a flood of clients. But you believed you would get enough clients to support your new Life Coaching business, right?

You probably spent hundreds—and even thousands—of dollars imagining and developing your business. Getting certified in coaching is no easy feat and quite costly.

You set out to be an income-generating Life Coach, but it’s embarrassing you’re not getting any calls. You feel like you failed in a major way…

…but it’s NOT your fault!

Bad Advice

The problem for many Life Coaches (or any new entrepreneur) is that there is so much bad advice out there.

Everyone claims to be an expert in online marketing…

…and anyone can write a blog post, or create a video, or even have a website broadcasting all kinds of marketing advice—good and bad.

There is no governing body telling people what kind of advice they can broadcast.

And living in a free country, that’s a good thing!

The bad part is that you must sift through all the crap and misinformation just to get a nugget of truth, right?

Is It a Question of Getting More Traffic?

If you only got more traffic to your website, all your problems would be solved, right?


It’s not that simple.

Do you know how much traffic you’re getting right now or where it’s coming from?

If you don’t have an answer to this, then you need to read on.

You’ll see why NOT knowing the answer to this problem is a major sticking point and why you are not getting the dream clients that you desire.

What’s the Best Option for a Thriving Life Coaching Business?

1) FREE Consultation: With this option, you must sell hard on the phone to convert people to one of your higher-level coaching programs.

That’s tough!

After your prospect has been through one of these “free” consultations, they will quickly realize that your FREE Consultation call is really a sales call for a higher-level package.

How do you feel about this bait and switch?

2) FREE One Hour Coaching: While you may not have to sell hard on this option as you did on the first option, you still want to convert this “lead” into a paying client.

Often, they do not.

You just wasted a precious hour of your time, where you could have been doing more important things.

When your prospect hears “Free coaching call,”  they often ask themselves, “What’s wrong with this person?”

3) PAID Coaching Call: This is the best option, and the only option if you want to have a thriving Life Coaching business.

I can tell you this from experience; people will sell themselves on your higher-level coaching program after they for an initial call with you. We will discuss this concept throughout this post.

(Later in this post, I will show you the exact two-step system that you can quickly implement that will attract clients without giving away your time for free.)

Therefore, Option #3 is the best option for a thriving life coaching business.

Time is Your Most Precious Asset. You Can Never Make More of It.

Hanging up your shingle and getting no calls can be demoralizing. You only get people who want to “pick your brain.”

The problem with Free Consultations can be summed up by three points in a post written in Entrepreneur Magazine:

1) “People don’t value something when they get it for free.”

2) “Your time is your most valuable resource.”

3) “You’re lessening the value of what you sell.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you, Entrepreneur Magazine!

Giving away your time is no way to make money.

Are you tired of hearing prospects tell you, “Let me think about it and get back to you,” and then never hearing from them again?

This is what free calls are all about.

Stop doing them!

Are You Still Believing in This Myth of Finding Good Clients?

How do you find no fee/low-fee clients?

The same way you find paid clients!

The common myth is that you have to offer your services free to get paid clients.

That’s crazy!

Did your dentist give you a free cleaning?

What about your doctor?

What about a therapist?

What about the pool cleaner?

Or the guy that mows your lawn?


They all paid for advertising for a service in which you pay for.

If you believe your coaching will help with your clients’ problems, you need to charge for your services. No more free coaching!

(However, if you don’t feel confident that you can help people with their problems, then continue to offer free services—and see if any of them convert to your higher-level services.)

Don’t you see it?

Getting free or low-cost clients is just as hard as getting clients who pay your fees.

The problem with free clients is that you can’t put any money behind a reliable and consistent traffic source.

The NEW Economy Will Change Everything

The worst part of all of this is that the economy is sliding into a recession—and some say, “a deep depression.”

With close to 40 million people out of work, the market will be flooded with people wanting to start their own home business.

And many of those will seek out Life Coaching as a new career.

The market will be flooded with new Life Coaches.

Click “Continue” to see what NOT to do if you want to maintain a thriving coaching business in the new economy.

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