Why Life Coaches Should Stop Taking Free Consultations… Part 4

Why you should adopt a first-call-paid strategy using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System …

The Top Seven Reasons Why a First-Call-Paid Strategy Works

Quite simply, it’s the fastest way to jump-start your business. Here are…

#1. Fast Start Up

You can quickly ramp up your business without the slow process of getting leads through a complicated sales funnel. No lead magnets. No long-winded webinars. No blogging. No videos. No email follow-up system.

#2. Quickly solidify the relationship

With this first-call-paid strategy, you can quickly help your client without getting on free calls that really don’t do anything. You’ve already explained what you do on your website.

By using a first-call-paid strategy, you and your client are both invested in the call. Your client has paid you in advance, and you received the money. Now, you are both relaxed and invested in making this call a success.

#3 Professionalism

Offering a first-call-paid solution signals to your premium clients that you are a professional who values your time. They know you don’t have time for tire kickers.

Interesting fact: As soon as you charge for all your calls, your premium clients instinctively place a higher value on you.

#4 Support advertising effort

By far, the best and least labor-intensive way to get traffic to your website is through online advertising. You may have tried this and failed.

However, when you advertise using a first-call-paid strategy, the advertising pays for itself. You can’t do that with just generating leads and free calls. Since you are being paid on your first call, you can easily support a paid advertising effort.

#5 Free up your time

You will have more time working in your business rather on your business.

#6 Integrity

Using a first-call-paid strategy allows you to keep your integrity. By keeping coaching and marketing separate, you won’t have to upsell anyone on your coaching calls. Your premium clients will naturally upsell themselves to your higher-level services.

#7 A good match

On a paid call, you will still see if you are a good match. You will both be invested in creating results, and there will be no pressure. A Free Consultation is completely unnecessary when a paid call will do accomplish the same result.

These are just the top seven. There are at least a dozen good reasons why you need to adopt this strategy today.

Let’s talk so you can start getting paid calls now

I would like to invite you to my Innovative Marketing Coaching Call, so I can explain in more detail about how you can attract premium clients using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System.

I will explain in detail HOW this works. I’ve shown you the WHAT, and I’ve explained the WHY. On this call, you will get the HOW.

This call is designed to get you unstuck. You’ve been to all the webinars and downloaded all the free stuff. And watched all the videos and blogs.

NOW it’s time for some personalized attention, right? Don’t you think getting some clarity on how you can get started on a first-call-paid strategy is the right thing to do now?

What to Expect on This Innovative Marketing Coaching Call

For the first part of the call, we will go over the brief questionnaire you filled out before the call. You can “pick my brain” however you like.

During the second part of the call, we will start implementing the First Call Paid to Premium Client System, so you have the exact steps to start getting paid calls without dealing with tire kickers who won’t convert to your higher-level services.

Before the call

I will review any materials you would like me to look at. I will spend about 30 minutes reviewing your online presence and any materials you have submitted to me beforehand. I will take careful notes, and on the call, we will discuss them. This way, I will be prepared for our call together.

Your USP

Most Life Coaches fail to get high paying clients quickly because they lack a USP. What’s a USP? It is your Unique Selling Proposition.

On this call, I will help you come up with USP (should you need one). You will think of your business in a whole new way.

The “Dumb” Psychology of the Premium Client

Premium clients want you to solve their problems quickly. They will pay good money for that privilege! They want to talk to someone now when they have a problem. They don’t have time for blogs, videos, or webinars. Understanding how high paying clients make purchasing decisions is critical to getting them on a call.

The 5-Point Power Positioning Protocol

The success in growing your life coaching business is knowing how to position yourself in the mind of your prospects. On this call, we will quickly go over the five finer points on how to position yourself, so you are irresistible to high paying clients.

The Simple “I Can’t Believe It’s This Easy” Website Traffic System

Many life coaches are struggling to get traffic to their website. It’s quite easy—if you know a few tricks of the industry. We will cover this in detail on this call. You will never have a website traffic problem again.

Personalized Help

The most important part about this call is that it is personalized for you and your business. This isn’t some cookie-cutter approach. Your business has specific problems that need to be addressed.

You shouldn’t have to change what you are already doing to implement the First Call Paid to Premium Client System.

No more learning and spinning your wheels.

The best part about this call is that there will be no more Learning. There will be only doing. We will create this action plan together.

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