Life Coaches Should Stop Taking Free Consultations Today… Part 4

The Top 7 Reasons Why It Would Be a Mistake to Ignore This Paid Call Formula

What’s great about my Instant Paid Calls from Cold Traffic Formula is that you no longer waste time on free consultations that go nowhere.

No longer will you have to entertain tire kickers on free “strategy sessions.”

Everyone knows those strategy sessions are just sales calls.

You no longer have to be that annoying… pain-in-the-butt… cheesy salesperson!

1. Offer premium value for premium clients

Premium clients—those who have money and value things that cost money—don’t have time to consume a bunch of “free” stuff.

They want their problems resolved quickly.

These are extremely busy people who will take action on the right solution.

They don’t have time to watch another video or webinar.

They won’t get on a free consultation call because they know it’s just a consultation and won’t immediately resolve their problems.

2. Instantly increase your value

When you offer your time for free, you have now valued yourself at $0.

How does that make you feel?

You then must work yourself up from there.

That’s a tough road!

When you charge $250 upfront for a call, you have immediately increased your value.

You are now in a different league!

3. Easily upsell

You can easily upsell clients to your $2,500 coaching package after they invested a few hundred dollars on a coaching call.

Don’t you think?

It’s nearly impossible to upsell someone from a $0 coaching call to a $2,500 / month coaching package.

It’s much easier if they already spent $250 on your initial coaching call.

4. Honesty and integrity

When you conduct a free consultation, your goal is to sell your higher-level coaching packages.

Often, you won’t give as much of your information if you’re not being paid, right?

This dishonesty hurts your integrity.

When you are on a PAID call, you can be honest because you aren’t trying to sell anything.

You are keeping your coaching and your marketing separate.

You can reveal more because you’re not worried about making a sale.

The sale has already been made.

Isn’t that what coaching is all about?

Isn’t that why you got into this business, so you can help people with honesty and integrity?

Selling on a free call can get very messy, and most Life Coaches just don’t like it.

5. Relaxed client

Since your client knows that this is a PAID coaching call, they won’t have their guard up.

They won’t be thinking they will be pitched a long-term coaching package during the call.

I never sell on my paid coaching calls.

If clients ask about what other services I offer, I tell them.

But I never sell.

This allows my clients to feel relaxed and feel like they are getting the call’s full value.

They know it’s not a sales pitch. They paid for the call. It’s a coaching call.

6. Momentum

No matter what kind of sales funnel you have, if you start off with free consultations or free coaching calls, months can go by without one real client.

After a while, you lose momentum and hope.

But when you start getting $250 from first-time web visitors, you start to feel inspired and motivated.

This is the momentum most Life Coaches need to launch (or revitalize) their life coaching business.

You can finally tell people (or even brag) about your thriving coaching business.

Imagine getting a $250/call from first-time web visitors.

What if you entertained two or three of these calls a day for years on end?

My math is a bit sketchy these days, but I believe that comes to something like (based on 261 working days a year) $130,500 – $195,750 per year.

That’s just from these pre-paid coaching calls alone!

Now imagine converting 20% of those calls to your higher-level $2,500 / month full-blown coaching packages.

That’s a thriving life coaching business without wasting time on free consultations or giving away your services to deadbeats and tire kickers!

7. A good match

The purpose of free consultations is to see if you’re a good match, right?

Well, a PAID call serves the same purpose—and you won’t get burned and feel stupid when they don’t come back for more.

With a PAID call from Cold Traffic, you get paid while deciding if you’re a good match.

You are under no obligation to work further with your client. You solved their problem, and you can let them be on their way if that’s what you choose.

*There are 14 more good reasons. I have put together a more thorough list that I will present to you later.

Are you ready to put a plan into action where you can get PAID calls from Cold Traffic (a.k.a. first-time web visitors)?

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