Life Coaches Should Stop Taking Free Consultations Today… Part 3 of 4

Here’s the Perfect Solution for Life Coaches Who Want to Attract Premium Clients Quickly (even if you tried everything else and failed)

To get clients from Cold Traffic—this means first-time web visitors—you no longer need to offer free consultations or free coaching calls.

These calls often go nowhere and are a terrible waste of your time and resources.

It can be exhausting, debilitating, and downright depressing getting on these calls.

I’ve been using a simple formula that gets people to:

  1. Visit my website
  2. Book a call on my calendar
  3. Make a payment before the call

That’s right.

Every one of my cold traffic clients PAY for the call before they get on the call. 

I don’t do free consultations, free coaching calls, or free “strategy sessions.”

Every person that wants to get on a 60- or 90-minute call with me pays for the call BEFORE I get on the call with them.

How sweet is that?

This is what I help my clients do.

Here is my Instant Paid Calls from Cold Traffic Formula:

1. Create a specific and irresistible service offer (You already have it. You just don’t know it.)

2. Have a direct and reliable traffic source. (Very easy to get.)

3. Create a unique selling point (USP) around your offer. Frame it, so it attracts and appeals to your audience. (Not as hard as it looks.)

Later, I will give you more details on how to implement this formula into your website…

… but first, I’d like to introduce myself…

Who Am I?

What’s My Story?


How Do You Benefit from My Amazing Discovery?

My name is Ash Waechter (rhymes with Hector), and I’ve been helping coaches and consultants attract premium clients for ten years now.

Since starting my own business, I’ve written and published two books about online marketing for small businesses.

I share my online marketing tips & tricks with my 16,000 followers on Facebook.

I came upon my Instant Paid Calls from Cold Traffic Formula several years ago.

I had just started my copywriting business, and I was looking for the perfect niche to market my services.

I googled a bunch of questions…

Too many opinions out there!

Very confusing.

I read books. I read blogs. I watched videos. I signed up for several webinars. I purchased several courses.

I did everything to find the best way to market my business.

Finally, I came across a marketing coach’s website.

One of the services was titled “Need Help Finding Your Niche?”

This service was a coaching call, and it was exactly what I needed!

I wanted to talk to someone—not google more queries.

I wanted to ask questions and get answers that were particular to me.

I didn’t get this personalization from a video, a blog post, or an online course.

I wanted answers from one person, not twenty people from Facebook or Quora.

(I’m sure as a Life Coach, you can relate to this.)

This service from this marketing coach was a gift from above.

Unfortunately, she was charging $250.

It was a lot of money for me at the time.

I really couldn’t afford it, but I thought about it for a few minutes.

As I was thinking about the price of the call, I began to recall everything that got me to where I was at the time…

All the free information I got from blogs, YouTube videos, well-meaning people on Facebook, and $197 courses…

… didn’t get me any further along than where I was at the time.

After this realization, I bit the bullet and got on the coaching call.

It was the best $250 I had ever spent!

  • I was able to ask questions and get answers that pertained to my unique situation.

  • I was able to sort out agonizing frustrations I had for months.

  • I was able to get real support and direction.

I felt so relieved.

I will always remember that call because…

Many years later, I asked myself, “Why isn’t everyone doing this?”

It’s so simple.

Everyone needs personalized help.

And people like me will pay for it!

On my first outing using my Instant Paid Calls from Cold Traffic Formula, I booked four paid calls in my first two weeks!

I was so excited!

I really couldn’t believe it.

That was just the start.

Once I worked out all kinks in my formula, I was booked up as much as my calendar would allow.

Here’s a sample of what my calendar looks like. These are PAID calls.

Wouldn’t you like to have a booked calendar of PAID calls?

You’ll get an opportunity to see how you can put this plan into action, but first…

… you must know the top 7 reasons why this formula works so well. It’s not what you think! (Click the link below to find out.)

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