Why Life Coaches Should Stop Offering Free Consultations…

If you ignore this alternative approach to free consultations, you may miss out on some of your most prized clients.

Every business can only thrive with a well planned and well executed client-generating system.

Hey Life Coaches…

If you want to attract your best clients…

… without losing more time and more money on free coaching calls and free consultations…

… this post is a must-read!

By the end of this post, you will discover the three-step formula to get first-time web visitors to PAY you for a coaching call without any prior knowledge of who you are.

In other words…

No need to warm them up with free coaching or Free Consultations!

If you’re like most Life Coaches, you put yourself out there on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

But nothing is happening.

You created a blog, entertained free coaching calls and free consultations.

And still, nothing is happening.

Sound familiar?

Unless you have a specific formula for generating paying clients, you will always struggle to find success.

“It’s embarrassing not to make a decent living after working as a Life Coach for so many years.”

Coach Angel

You quit your job (or lost your job), and you told all your friends about your new career as a Life Coach.

They were skeptical at first.

After all, “What is a Life Coach, and how do you make money?”

For many, it’s nearly impossible.

And then you probably have a family member or a spouse who is always lecturing you that …

“This life coaching thing isn’t working out. You should get a real job.”


Not a J.O.B.!

And now, with the economy going into the shitter, there are no real jobs.

(Okay, that’s an exaggeration! But it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?)

You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars and invested hundreds of hours of your life…

…. earning your coaching certificate from an institution that failed to teach how to get clients who will pay for your services.

(In a minute, I will show you 7 reasons why getting a PAID call from first-time visitors is much better than a Free Consultation.)

And once you graduated with your new coaching certificate, you found it nearly impossible to get anyone to pay for “life coaching.”

As you will see later in this post, no one pays for “life coaching,” but they do pay (handsomely) for the solutions you provide.

You just need to package your services in the right way, so it is irresistible. (You’ll see how later.)

Webinars and marketing gimmicks that cost you dearly seem to be everywhere!

Have you tried this?

If you’re like many Life Coaches, you might have gone down this path before.

You set up a webinar that begs and pleads for a prospect to get on a free “strategy session.”

For what?

To get kicked in the face with a “No, thanks. I don’t have that kind of money.”

Not only is it nearly impossible to get someone on one of those free calls, but you then must put on your best salesperson persona and…

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