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About the Client

Clint Coons, Esq. is a founding partner of Anderson Business Advisors. His eBook, A Primer on LLCs For Rental Real Estate, has been used as a lead magnet for many years.

What did they want?

The client wanted to increase book downloads, but the original copy didn’t say much except to download the book. Therefore, a whole new page must be written to entice people to download the eBook.

My approach to the copy

After reading the eBook, I pulled out some nuggets that I knew would be relevant to our audience based on my research into real estate investors. However, these essential nuggets were missing from the original download page.

One thing I noticed in all the copy I have written over the years and read about in hundreds of testimonials for various products and services is that people are highly motivated to act when it is for someone else—not themselves. Therefore, I wrote this line:

“Devasting lawsuits not only drain your wallet, but they also disrupt family relationships, partnerships, friendships, and client relationships.”

Boosting Downloads

While my new copy for the eBook increased downloads by 17%, I felt something was still missing. This was nagging me, so I brought it up at our next marketing meeting.

I said, “I think this eBook needs a new name. It sounds like painting a house. We need to be clear about the benefits of the book in the book’s title. Show them what they are going to get. ‘Primer’ just doesn’t do it.” The original title was A Primer on LLCs For Rental Real Estate.

We all agreed that the title just wasn’t working. We worked together to give it a new name. Here is an earlier version of my copy with the old eBook title.

The new title we collaborated on is How to Leverage LLCs to Protect Your Real Estate Portfolio. This new title boosted downloads by another 43%.