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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. After the webinars, attendees can get discounted prices on their primary service package, which sells for $2,997.

What did they want?

They needed a registration page for a joint venture event with real estate investing expert Chris Prefontaine.

My approach to the copy

One of the biggest obstacles people have when it comes to real estate investing is that most new real estate investors feel there are only a few choices. Either they must be a landlord with tenants or flip a property for a profit. I wanted to dispel that myth right there in the heading.

I wanted to highlight the method for making big profits using the 3 Pay Day System.

We ran several webinars a week (see other samples), but this one was different from the others. Therefore, I needed to emphasize the word NEW even though this was met with some resistance (see Challenges below.)

Introducing the speakers

Our audience was used to seeing the same two speakers at most of our events. We needed to clarify that this event was a NEW event with NEW speakers. Our audience responded to the emails very well.


While our JV Partner, Chris Prefontaine (a.k.a. The Smart Real Estate Coach), has some aggressive promotional campaigns, ours was a little different. I needed to incorporate the enthusiasm of Chris Prefontaine with the tempered voice our audience was used to.

While initially getting resistance from the marketing department, I know—and they have soon found out—that telling people precisely what you want them to do increases conversions. Therefore, I said, “Fill out your name and email on the right to get your FREE pass to this one-time special event…”

Also, I needed to show how these two speakers fit together. Chris Prefontaine showed our audience how to make money in real estate, and Clint Coons spoke about how to protect your assets once you make money in real estate.


This event proved to be one of our best events for various reasons. We had high registrations, a fantastic show-up rate,  and an excellent profit. Please get in touch with me for the KPIs for this event.

Please contact me to see the sales page for the $2,997 package we sold. I can present here for obvious reasons.