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Attention Non-Fiction Authors…

Get a FREE Amazon Book Description

Hey, let’s get one thing straight here. Your book description isn’t really (or shouldn’t be) a description of your book. It’s your sales page. It should sell your book, not just tell people what’s inside.

When reading your book description, they should be salivating at the prospect of reading your book. Don’t bore people with a mere glossing over of what your book is about. Seduce them into buying your book with powerful persuasive copy.

After your book cover and title, your book description is the biggest motivator that gets people to buy—even more than great reviews. Why? Because people need to know how your book is going to help them and that your book is the right book for them.

A good book description prevents poor reviews and low ratings

If your book description matches up with what you deliver, then you can expect to get great feedback. Poorly constructed book descriptions on Amazon or elsewhere will only bring a lot of bad reviews.

If your book description is vague, people will tune out. If your Amazon book description is only filled with testimonials, it won’t resonate. If your book description is only about you and not about how you solve your audience’s problems, they’ll go somewhere else. Nobody really cares what you’ve done for others; they only really care about what your book can do for them.

How I can help you

I’m a direct response copywriter, and I know just the right words… the right format… and the right tone to craft a compelling book description so your book sells. The bestselling (not necessarily the best written) books on Amazon have really great book descriptions. And like I said, they’re not really book descriptions at all, but really mini sales pages.

Why am I offering you an Amazon Book Description absolutely FREE?

Because I know that when you see the massive amount of success your book will have, you’ll gladly pay my normal fee for your next book. Of course, there is no further obligation once you receive your FREE Amazon Book Description.

Or even tell a friend and get a 15% referral fee for my paid services.

And don’t worry; you won’t be put on some mailing list, pestering you about getting another Amazon book description. I don’t even have a mailing list.

Since I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I know all the time tested tactics of direct response copywriting, I can create an Amazon book description in no time at all.

Why bother learning it how to do it yourself when you can get one for free written by a professional?

Why do you need a good Amazon book description?

Because it selects your audience and tells them what to expect. But most importantly it sells your book. After all, you are selling a book, right? So, you need to sell what you have to offer. Most book descriptions merely describe a book. You must sell your book.


What do you get?

You will get a custom book description written by me. Below is an example of what you can expect your book description will look like:

Amazon Book Description

Amazon Book Description

How to get your free Amazon book description

Just fill out the form below.

I will review your book and see if it qualifies for a free book description. I will write back to you to ask for a brief synopsis of your book. From there, I will write your book description—er, sales page.


  • You must have a book already on Amazon currently making sales
  • Only non-fiction books will be accepted
  • You must have access to your Amazon account and must be able to upload your book description immediately once you receive it.
  • Only one per customer

Get Your FREE Amazon Book Description Today!

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