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How Would You Like to Get $375 the Easy Way?

Dear Friend,

I would love to write you a check for $375.


Because you are doing me a huge favor.

I’ll explain in a moment, but first let me tell you what I learned…

About ten years ago when I was a web designer, I had a client who needed some custom photographs for his website. At that time, I had met Elena who was a very gifted and successful photographer. During our meeting she said to me, “Ash, if you send me your client, I’ll give you 10% of whatever I make.”

I referred my web design client to her, and he did a $1,900 project with her. Not only was he very happy with her and the work she did, but Elena sent me a check for $190.

That was easy—for her and me.

And it was a great deal for me, Elena and my client. It really was a win-win-win situation. We all walked away very happy with how we were able to help one another.

And here’s where it got really interesting…

My web design client reached out to many of his colleagues and personally recommended me for new projects. Yes, I did do good work for him, but I know he put in the extra effort to recommend me because I helped him solve his problem with the photographs instead of just letting him dangle in the wind.

This set me on a path of self-discovery…

Many copywriters get referrals from various sources, but not many of them have a real system in place to show their appreciation. Sometimes, it’s just an e-mail to say “Thank you.”

No doubt that’s really gracious, but I want to go a step further and really show my appreciation to you for sending me a referral… someone you know who really needs top quality sales copywriting.

This is why I want you to know right here and now that:

I will pay you 15% for every referral you send

I put it right here in writing and on my website, so there is no doubt in your mind what our agreement is.

If you send me a referral and I do a project with them, you get 15% of the total project fee.

Let me explain in detail…

A lot of my projects involve landing pages for Google ads and Facebook ads… and even Twitter and Facebook posts.

My fees for these written landing pages range from $850 – $11,500—with the average being over $2,500.

If I land a project for $2,500, I will send you 15% of that of that fee. That’s $375 in your pocket just for sending me a referral.

And often times, I will get a project for over $5,000, so that would be $750 for you.

And of course, if I get a project for $11,500, I will still give you 15% of the total cost of that project. So again, that would be $1,725 coming to you for helping me land that big fish. Admittedly, those are rare. The easy ones are the $2,500 jobs.

How do you get started?

The process is simple. Fill out the form below, so we can make contact. You don’t have to give me the person’s name. I just need your name and contact information, and I would like to know what issues your referral may need help with.

And of course, you can always e-mail me at with the same information.

What kind of projects am I currently looking for? Right now, I’m looking for clients who need sales copywriting for:

  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Amazon book descriptions
  • Sales letters
  • Web sales copy

I work exclusively in these fields:

  • Self Help Authors (Ex. Tony Robbins, “The Secret”)
  • Business Authors (Ex. David Allen, “The Effective Executive”)
  • Motivational and Business Speakers (Ex. Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey)
  • Sales Training (Ex. Brooks Group, Carew)
  • Personal Development (Ex. Proctor Gallagher Institute)
  • Professional Coaches
  • Publishers (Ex. Random House, Bottomline, Inc.)
  • Online Learning (Ex. Udemy,

Here are a few examples of the people that I am seeking to meet:

Self Help Authors
Jim Cathcart, Speaker/Author |
Jill Konrath, Speaker/Author |

Business Authors
Todd Buchholz, Speaker/Author |
Manley Feinberg, Speaker/Author |

Motivational and Business Speakers
Tom Flick, Leadership speaker |
Steve Farber, Leadership speaker |

Scott Barnett, Vice President, Marketing |
Nick Taylor, Director of Development | Designing Digitally

Sales Training
Shelley Wojtkiewicz, Marketing Communications Specialist |
Meghan Steiner, Director of Marketing | Richardson Sales Training

Personal Development
Proctor Gallagher Institute Sandy Gallagher, CEO and President

Professional Coaches
Relly Nadler, Master Certified Executive Coach |
Mark Thompson, Senior Executive Coach |

Kathy Yu, Marketing Director, O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Beth Wagner, Senior Marketing Director, Salem Eagle Publishing

If you know any of the above or have connections to them, please fill out the form below, and I will send you 15% of the total cost of any project they hire me for. That could mean $375 or $750 for you.

So, let’s put a deal together.

Reach out to your network and see if you they need a good sales copywriter to help them with their product sales pages… or their lead-generating landing pages.

Send me that referral, and I will pay YOU.

And it’s not just one referral. You can keep sending me referrals all day long, and I will still pay you 15% for all the new referrals you send me. Now, that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

How do you find these referrals?

I prefer that you just find them naturally.

Whenever you’re talking to someone and they are talking about their business and they are struggling with their sales and marketing, just send them my way.

You will meet these people in all walks of life. You may overhear someone at Starbucks having a conversation about marketing their business… or you may be a part of a networking group and you hear someone talking about how they need to get more leads from their PPC ads and landing pages.

Or you may hear someone wanting to get people to sign up for a seminar. My sales copy will put “butts in seats.”

The beauty of it is you find these people everywhere because everyone has a marketing problem… and they all need good copywriting to solve that problem. And the best part is when you help them solve that problem, you get paid for it…AND your referral will greatly appreciate you for making this business connection.

So let me paint a little picture for you…

You have a friend who is in charge of marketing at Random House Publishing.  And one day she tells you that she needs someone to write sales copy for her authors.

Now, a lightbulb goes on in your head. You remember her problem as you’re reading this page. Now, this is where the referral comes in.

You give me this person’s contact information and tell me how she is struggling with her marketing efforts (see form below).

Or you can have your friend call me. Either way, if your friend and I do business together, you will get a 15% referral fee. It’s as simple as that. You are helping me out, and I want to help you out.

Where else can you find referrals?

BNI Members…

You’re in the business of helping out your fellow members by giving out referrals. This is the same idea. You may hear of someone who needs a really good landing page to sell their services.

Maybe they are a personal coach of some kind, and they need a good PPC ad and landing page to get new clients.

Or maybe you know a self-published author who really needs some good sales copy to put on their web page or on their Amazon book page. In either case, I will gladly send you 15% of their total project cost.

Business Networkers…

The best way to make a long lasting impression is to NOT talk about yourself…but to help the person you’re talking to find a solution to their problem. Their problem right now isn’t the life insurance you’re selling. Sorry. L

Their problem right now is how to get more business. That’s why they’re at a networking event, right?

Right now, they may not be receptive to your “elevator pitch” regarding your insurance offerings, but they will listen to you when you tell them that you know a great sales copywriter that can help them solve their marketing woes.

Try it. It really does work! Once you help someone out like that with their business, they will remember you forever. You can count on it. Did you remember my story about Elena, the photographer?

Linked In…

Look at all your connections in Linked In. There are many people who you are connected to who could really use a good sales copy writer.

For instance, you may know the Chief Marketing Officer at Udemy or, and they are currently running Google ads. They would certainly need a direct response copywriter to write their ads and sales copy for their landing page.

Look at your Twitter followers. They certainly would need a good sales copywriter.

You may know Elizabeth Ives, the Senior Marketing Manager at Harper Collins Publishers who has a need for a copywriter for her upcoming book catalog.

You may know David Nield, the Marketing Director at Nightingale Conant who needs a talented copywriter for his e-mail campaigns.

You may know a self-published author who needs a well written book description for their book on Amazon.

You may be connected to a recruiter on Linked In, and they may know someone who needs a copywriter to write sales copy for their promotions.

Whatever the case may be, if you refer one of these people to me and I do a project for them, you get 15% of my gross earnings. Not too bad, right?

Here’s where it gets better…

When you send me a referral, not only do you get the 15% from me, but the person you refer to me also gets a 15% off on their first project.  So, instead of letting your friend struggle looking for a well-qualified copywriter and pay top dollar, you can help your friend save big money by sending them to me.

To be clear: You get 15% of the total fee, and your referral gets 15% off their first project.

Why It’s More Than Just Money

When you help out a colleague by offering to solve their problem, you’ll be greatly appreciated. You, no doubt, will be rewarded by the referral at some time down the road. That’s how business is done.

You will get in good with your prospect because YOU helped out with their problem. Don’t let your friend or colleague just dangle in the wind. Help them out. If they are in any kind of business, they need your help. They need help with their business.

You are just the person to help them out. And the way to do that is to refer them to me, so I can write compelling sales copy for their landing page… e-mail sequence… book sales page… or anything else that needs good sales copy.

Why would I make such a generous offer?

Aside from the previously mentioned marketing and advertising savings I get from working referrals that get sent to me form people like you, I also know that these referrals…

  • Buy quicker
  • Negotiate less
  • Buy more stuff
  • Buy more often
  • Are more interesting and enjoyable to work with
  • Spend more with me in the long run
  • Easier to work with
  • Refer more people to me

And here’s the really great thing that maybe you haven’t really thought of…YOU benefit from all those things, too!


Let’s get started getting you that $375!

Please fill out the form below.

I'd like to be paid online (PayPal,etc.)

I'd like to be paid by check