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What’s the ONLY Way to Know for Sure

You’re Hiring the Best Copywriter?

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The only surefire way to know that you have …

… the best direct-response copywriter for your business, brand, product, or service is …

… to have them write copy for you.

It makes sense, right?

You won’t know how someone’s writing will fit into your message… brand… goals… audience… etc., until they write something for your business.

Up until that point, it’s a bit of a gamble.

It’s like buying a shirt from a catalog.

Sure, it looks great on the model.

But on you?

Who knows?

Fortunately, most clothing retailers have a very generous return policy.

Copywriters, not so much.

Paying for Copy Can Be Risky

You get copy written for you, but it kind of sucks… or really sucks.

And you paid for it.

And you feel cheated.

And now you must answer to people—like your boss, the owner, the CEO, business partner, etc.

And it’s no fun feeling like you’ve been totally burned.

I’ve seen this happen too many times.

Quick story about losing $$$ …

At a previous job, the marketing department hired an outside copywriting agency because we were short on staff.

We signed a five-figure contract with this company to write some of our emails.

They had a nice portfolio of copy.

But when it came to writing copy for our audience, it was just not that good—to put it mildly.

My marketing manager had repeatedly reached out to me asking…

“Ash, I know you’re busy. But the copy we just got from [name of agency] isn’t what we are used to putting out. Do you have time to revise or rewrite it?”

Yes, I was more than willing to come to the rescue.

This was a weekly request—and then it turned into a daily request.

All total, I rewrote 80% of the emails we hired them to write.

After six months, we didn’t renew their contract.

It was a painful lesson.

We paid a lot of money—in a binding contract—to discover they couldn’t write copy.

So, the best way to evaluate a copywriter is to have them write copy for you and your business.

That’s the ONLY way you will ever really know.

How to Eliminate All Risk

As mentioned, there is a risk when paying someone to write copy for you.

You pay money… you get crap… you get frustrated.

Not a good investment of your time or money—not to mention your good name.

Here’s where I am going to completely reverse that risk for you.

I will write a custom sample just for you for FREE.

Yes, that’s right. FREE.

I will write a custom sample for you at NO cost to you.

This is the best way to evaluate my copy at no risk to you.

This way, you will see…

  • What I write
  • How I write
  • How long it takes for me to write
  • And much more

To get your FREE customized sample, please email me at: to get started.

Once I get your email, I will get back to you to set up a call.

Then we can discuss your request for a FREE Sample.

Now, what’s the catch?

The catch is you must be in the market for hiring a full-time direct-response copywriter. This isn’t for anyone who’s looking for freelancers or short-term contractors. You must be actively looking for and interviewing for a full-time direct response copywriter. That’s it. Those are my terms. We can discuss the finer details—copy length, turn-around time, expectations, benchmarks, targets, goals, etc.—when we hop on a call.

Now, I need to emphasize that you won’t get this kind of insight into how a copywriter will fit in with your goals in any other way.

This is the single best way to evaluate a copywriter for YOUR business.

While my portfolio and stats are impressive, there’s nothing like having me write a custom sample for you for FREE.

You will clearly see how my copy fits into your current messaging… overall strategy… marketing goals… audience… etc.

I’ll keep this short, so please…

To get your FREE customized sample,

please email me at:

I usually respond in a few hours.