Double Your Monthly Revenue with This One Simple Email Trick … Pt 2

7 Reasons Why News-Based Emails Win Every Time

1. Build Trust. You build trust when people see how your products help solve the problems in their lives as related in popular media.

2. Build Authority. When you can talk about topics in the news, your audience sees you as more of an authority because you are making sense of the news and how it relates to their lives and struggles.

3. Shorten Your Sales Cycle. Using the “law of reciprocity,” your audience will reward you (with clicks) when you provide news that’s important in their lives. This will allow you to spend less on marketing and social media ads.

4. Boost Engagement. People are drawn to things that they are familiar with but also contain something new—which can be considered an “open loop.” People will stay engaged until they can close that open loop.

5. Be Likable. People will see you as more likable because you can relate to common themes in their lives.

6. Pattern Interrupt. A news-based headline takes the reader out of their hypnotic daily pattern—much like a network news graphic saying, “Breaking News.”

7. Appeal to a Wider Audience. The news and trending topics bring people together on the same page. By working from this level, your message can resonate with a more diverse audience.

When you apply this strategy, you can expect a boost in engagement. With that boost in engagement, you will see increased open rates and clickthrough rates. And ultimately, you will see a decrease in the time it takes to close a lead.

Online Websites

Even Real Estate Bloggers Do It

I recently got an email from Bigger Pockets that read…

“Taylor Swift Scored Big This Year, But So Did Airbnb Hosts—Here’s How Her Tour Impacted Markets Across the U.S.”

This is a clear example of how to “enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind” in an email.

Taylor Swift is massively popular and arouses lots of curiosity.

People all over the world are familiar with Taylor Swift.

Even grown men standing around the water cooler are familiar with Taylor Swift.

She’s big news!

Celebrity gossip is always trending.

TV shows and YouTubers get huge ratings and millions of viewers by capitalizing on celebrity gossip and trending topics.

You can use this to your advantage.

When Elon Musk was all over the news during his Twitter purchase, I sent out an email with the following subject line…

“I can’t believe Elon Musk did this with Twitter.”

Before that email, our average clickthrough rate for emails promoting our monthly tax webinar for real estate investors was around 2.6%.

Our CTR shot up to 5.9% for this one email about Elon Musk.

Since our main service was asset protection and tax savings for real estate investors…

… the body of my email mentioned that Elon Musk was going to have huge tax implications because of his purchase of Twitter.

The email was a huge hit.

Not only did our open CTR double, but our webinar sign-ups increased by 43%.

You can’t beat this strategy.

In another email series for an upcoming tax webinar, I mentioned President Biden hiring 80,000 IRS agents to collect more taxes.

Naturally, this aroused fear and curiosity in our huge audience of real estate investors.

Many of them got into real estate investing for tax benefits.

Now, this one email was making them think twice.

They were worried that their taxes were going to be heavily scrutinized.

Which was true.

But our upcoming webinar was going to help them avoid that fate.

This is why the email and our webinar were such a success.

The revenue generated for this one event surpassed all other events.

We jumped from $290,709 for previous tax webinars to $755,095 for this one event.

My emails about the 80,000 IRS agents struck a nerve with our audience.

This is what they were hearing all over the news.

I made the conversation taking place in their minds relatable to our webinars and offers.

They couldn’t resist opening and reading these emails.

They had to know.

When the investigative journalism publication ProPublica got a lot of airtime on the news networks, I capitalized on one of their stories.

I mentioned ProPublica’s article “How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax.”

I tied that emotion into our upcoming tax webinar.

Again, our open rates and clickthrough rates soared.

Before I discovered this news-based copywriting formula, my open rates were around 26.7% on our list of 60,000.

Because the news was heavily reporting about the wealthy avoiding taxes at the time, my email got an open rate of 54.4% for this one email.

And the CTR and sign-ups also jumped.

This was a winning strategy.

Agora Financial is a billion-dollar financial education company.

One of the things they do so well is capitalize on current news stories in their emails and other promotions.

“They’re known to have some of the best direct response copywriters, strategists, and media buyers in the business.” –Peter Boyle,

And it’s not just Agora who is entering the conversation taking place in the customer’s mind.

There are many other financial education companies doing the same thing.

Here are some subject lines that landed in my inbox recently.

  • Will This New Weaponry Make US Military Stronger Than China?

  • SHOCKING- Putin’s Revenge on Biden

  • Koch Heiress’ Project Gets $60M Tax-Free From Family Network

  • The AI Black Swan Event that Could Blindside Investors

  • Bill Gates’ newest prediction could mint millionaires

  • Elon Musk’s THREE Startups Created an “Army of Millionaires”

These emails below don’t get opened…

  • FYI: “Would that be Okay?”
  • Financing your business
  • Ash, shot in the dark?
  • Would this help you?
  • Ash, Is it working?

As you can see, those subject lines aren’t attention grabbers.

No, this isn’t about clickbait.

I’m not talking about creating a subject line just to get someone to open an email.

That’s easy to do.

And it hurts your reputation.

As you may know, clickbait often has NO relation to the subject matter.

Online ads and YouTube videos are ripe with clickbait, and no one likes being treated like that.

I’m talking about real news-based emails that are highly relatable to your audience.

In this case, it would be real estate investors.

This isn’t about trickery or gimmicks.

It’s all about entering the conversation already taking place in our customer’s mind.

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