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Close Your Twitter Account Today

If you’re not actively using your Twitter account, you should probably close it. Having a Twitter account that isn’t active just makes you look bad. Since many businesses don’t actively update their website with any content with a date on it, I will personally confirm whether a business is still alive by going to their Twitter account. If they haven’t posted in a few years, I assume to things: 1) They went belly up or 2) They're too lazy to take care of their Twitter account. In eith [...]
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Why You Should Use Long Copy in Your Ads

Think about this for a moment. Think about the last time you went to a salad bar at a restaurant…was there an expectation of you eating the whole salad bar? No! You were expected to pick and choose ONLY the items you wanted. Some lettuce leaves, a few tomatoes here and there, a crouton and… voila, you now have the salad that YOU want. That’s what you should be giving your customer every time you sell a product. You should be giving them a salad bar of options to choose from. And only lon [...]
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Why You Need a Direct Response Copywriter

The internet has made everything into direct response marketing. Mass media like television was all about building a brand. They wanted to build a brand in your mind, so you will remember that brand when you go shopping at the store sometime later. But today everything is instantaneous. When you shop online, you are looking at the product and buying it right then and there. Sure, you must have a brand, but it doesn’t have to be memorable with jingles, catch phrases and taglines. If you sell o [...]
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Why Good Copywriting Won’t Be Outsourced Anytime Soon

We all know from history that the best of skills become obsolete at one time or another. Here’s a quick list of skillsets (and their replacements) that these people probably thought would go on forever—and the reason why they’re gone today: Tailor/Seamstress—Mail order, cheap clothes, casual wear, fat people Telegraph/Telephone Operator—automated switch boards Travel agents—Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline,, Travelocity, etc. Typist—personal computer   Things that h [...]
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Why I Like to Think CompUSA Went Out of Business

Why I Like to Think CompUSA Went Out of Business The operative word here is “think” because this is the narrative I hope is true. It all started back in 1997. Computers and the internet were starting to hit the mainstream, and there weren’t many stores when I was living in Dallas that specialized in computers. But CompUSA did, and it seemed like they had a thriving business. One incident (or actually two) had led me to believe that was the reason for their downfall. On one fateful day, [...]
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Why I Do What I Do Pt. 1

This section (Why I Do What I Do) will get back to the meaning of the term “blog.” For those who don’t know, the word “blog” is a derivative of the word “weblog” as in “web” + “log.”  And the word “log” as defined in Oxford’s dictionary means an accounting of what happened as in a ship’ s log or a pilot’s log. Star Trek fans have heard of the ”captain’s log” as reported by Captain Kirk, or the “ship’s log” as reported by others: (Ex. “Ship's log, st [...]
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How For-Profit Colleges & Universities Can Dramatically Increase Conversions on Their Landing Pages

How For-Profit Colleges & Universities Can Dramatically Increase Conversions on Their Landing Pages   There are over 33 areas of improvement that colleges and universities that could implement to dramatically increase their landing page conversions. However, I’m only going to discuss seven of those here. Have one focus.   If you think prospective student’s attention span is low as it can get, just give them more than one thing to think about—then you really have a problem. [...]
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How to Create a Powerful Amazon Book Description In 10 Easy Steps

How to Create a Powerful Amazon Book Description In 10 Easy Steps 1. A Strong Headline Will Stop Readers in Their Tracks We are bombarded with headlines everywhere we go. Whether it’s a blog, a newspaper article or junk mail, we see and respond to headlines… All. The. Time. Your Amazon book description shouldn’t be any different. You have a product and that product is your book. Don’t forget that. So, you need to sell your product with a very strong headline. Here’s a great example [...]
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Why Calls-to-Action Are So Important to Your Amazon Book Descriptions

The sad reality (for authors, that is) is that barely any Amazon book descriptions have a call-to-action for their books. Why? Because most of the time these blurbs (or book descriptions) are written by the author themselves or by someone doesn’t know anything about direct response copywriting. If we learned anything from the advent of sales landing pages is that you need a call-to-action to make a sale. A sales landing page is a direct response medium. In other words, you want people to res [...]
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Bad Advice on Keeping Your Amazon Book Description Short

I’ve read some bad advice on writing an Amazon book description by an author of eight books, and that advice was to keep your book description on Amazon to less than 150 words. Why was this advice given? Who knows? But it’s bad advice. The person reading your book description on Amazon is about to BUY a book that they will READ, so sparing them more reading is NOT the strategy you should be using here. People who buy books aren’t afraid to read, but they are afraid of buying the WRONG b [...]
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