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I help speakers, coaches and authors leverage their books into a six-figure passive income stream

Ash Waechter

When you first published your book on Amazon, you imagined the money would start pouring in like a giant waterfall of gold and silver coins.

After all, you really didn’t slave away six months of your life just to have a “glorified business card,” did you?

Of course not!

When you did publish your book, you probably got a blip on the radar—maybe from some free offering you set up, but the reality is that your books aren’t making the sales that you had envisioned.

And certainly not the easy passive income that is supposed to come with a published book!

To make matters worse, your book isn’t really having that much of an impact on your business either—because if no one is buying, then they won’t contact you either.

Now, if you did get business and credibility from your book, that’s great!

But you still want to get your book into the hands of more people. Unfortunately, you probably can’t figure out how to market your book so you can make more sales and stay profitable.

And finally, you hoped all of this would be some kind of “auto-pilot” system where you can focus on other parts of your business instead of the ongoing hassles of marketing your book.

Ash Waechter

Ash Waechter

Ash Waechter
Certified Sales Copywriter

Time to Try Something Different

Unlike many book companies, gurus and coaches who promise to “get your book to the top of Amazon,” I tell my clients to stay clear of Amazon.

That’s not where the money is. The money is on your own website.

And if you can’t make sales on Amazon, you won’t get to the top of Amazon anyway.

The strategies I teach my clients help them get their book into the hands of more people while making a passive income that is equal to five-figures a month.

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How I got here

To use a book publishing metaphor, I struggled in my career because I was too focused on the front and back covers rather than the pages in between.

I was always looking for the glamour job—thinking that was a good way to make money. But the problem was the glamour job industry (i.e. advertising, TV, movies, etc.) is filled with people willing to work for nothing just to get their foot in the door.

When I worked for a big ad agency in New York City right after college, I was swept up by the two-hour lunches at five-star restaurants with the major magazine publishers.

And before that, I was star-struck when I was a production assistant on a movie starring Wesley Snipes and Theresa Randle. (Carrying his luggage and his $2,000 in cash through the streets of New York City isn’t as glamorous as it sounds).

Those were exhilarating experiences, but both offered very low pay and long hours.

Realizing that advertising and movies weren’t going to get me the riches I desired, I continued to pursue other ways of making a living.

However, I was subconsciously still drawn to glamour jobs. I dug myself deeper into a hole by getting employed as a tradeshow exhibit designer, a web designer, a graphic designer and finally a computer animator. These jobs are all glamorous in their own way, but they didn’t make a lot of money for me.

Today, I see that writing sales copy and creating sales funnels (i.e. non-glamour jobs) can have a bigger impact on my clients’ sales and profits.

Writing sales copy really is a non-glamour job because no one wants to admit that they read sales copy, In fact, people’s eyes roll right off their heads when I tell them that I am a direct response copywriter.

And most people are totally unaware that they are going through a sales funnel to pull out their wallets or get themselves on a list, so no one off the street says, “Great sales funnel, Ash!”

I now know that my internet marketing skills and my sales copywriting can make a bigger impact for speakers, coaches and authors rather than creating a pretty image for their books, products or websites. And I get paid a lot more in the process because the work I do is valued more.

Rather than slapping a pretty picture on a website or book, I create sales copy, develop sales funnels and drive traffic to make for a more profitable business for my clients.

Don’t get me wrong: I still believe in good design and how it is important to get people excited. I also understand how design and the written word must work together to make a product sales. And this is how I differ from other direct response copywriters.

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Services where Ash Waechter can help you promote your business

  • Accelerate Your Book Sales on Amazon

    I write powerful book descriptions (sales copy) for your Amazon sales page

  • Accelerate Your Book Sales on Your Own Website

    I write powerful sales copy for your books that you sell on your own website.

  • Develop a Huge Following for Your Books

    This full service package involves writing a lead magnet and setting up a squeeze page so you can quickly get a huge list for future book sales.

Ash Waechter’s Featured Services

  • The 5 Step Author Profit Formula

    On this webinar, you will see how I can help you develop a plan for making a serious six-figure passive income by leveraging your book the right way.

  • Serious Sales Copywriting for Information Marketers

    If you have a need outside of my packaged services (i.e. sales pages, book promotion, list building), you can download this information packet so you can see what I offer and how I charge for my sales copywriting services

  • Information Product Development Services

    This is a full service. If you ever hired someone to create your website, it’s a similar process except I create a product that you will actually sell. So, if you want to generate a huge passive income from your book, this is the service to get. You can learn more here.

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You will learn, not only a little more about me and how I can help you, but how you can actually start making money by leveraging your book the right way.

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