Affiliate Emails

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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. After the webinars, attendees can get discounted prices on their primary service package, which sells for $2,997.

What did they want?

Our affiliates needed emails written that could be sent out to their lists.

My approach to the copy

Part of my assignment was to follow a format that had already been used but not really tested.


Since our affiliates ranged from real esate developers, crypto experts, loan sharks, and others, the emails had to appeal to all of them—without sounding too Anderson-centric.

Also, each of our affiliates had a different tone of voice. Naturally, I couldn’t match them all, so I had to dial back the tone I used for our Anderon emails.


Our affiliates loved our emails. I created a new series every quarter. They never failed to impress or generate traffic.

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