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I write copy that make people feel compelled to take action and buy from you.

I use techniques used by master copywriters to grab the reader’s attention, arouse their interest in the copy, develop a burning desire to solve their problem and then take action by submitting an e-mail, making a telephone call, sending in check or reply card or making a purchase online.

My first copywriting job was writing slogans for DART’s (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) bus marquees. These were inspirational slogans that were displayed inside the bus to encourage people to keep using public transportation. It was a fun and challenging job, and I really refined my headline copywriting skills with this job.

My background in web design, user experience (UX) design and eLearning design has been a great advantage for my copywriting career because I’m able to visualize the elements as I write the copy.

For more personal information about my background and how I got to here, please visit my LinkedIn page here.

My great joy is direct response copywriting because I can use all the skills that I’ve learned about information marketing and direct response marketing. I’m also able to put to good use all the books I’ve read regarding personal development, social psychology, buyers’ mentality and persuasion. See a short list here.

My focus on education and training has come from many years of wanting to learn more. This is a partial but varied list of the ways I’ve educated myself through the years:

  • Graduated from Tulane University
  • Took a correspondence course in computer programming
  • Took copywriting classes at School Visual Arts
  • Studied computer animation from the Art Institute of Dallas
  • Studied eLearning at Lodestone Learning
  • Took many courses on Lynda.com, Udemy, CodeAcademy
  • Studied copywriting at AWAI

Services that I currently provide:

  • Direct Mail
  • Landing Pages
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Video scripts
  • Sales pages
  • Print Advertising
  • Web sales
  • Sales letters
  • Copywriting for the web

Sectors where I provide my best services:

  • Colleges and Universities (i.e DeVry University, Tulane University)
  • Online Learning (i.e Udemy, Lynda.com)
  • Sales Training (i.e. The Brooks Group, Carew International)
  • Computer training centers (i.e. New Horizons, ONLC Training Centers)
  • Personal Development (i.e. Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy)

Please contact me for further information on what you see here on this page. You can easily reach me through the following methods:




  1. 203-209-5284
  2. Skype: ash.waechter
  3. Contact Form
  4. LinkedIn