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Landing Pages – Real Landing Pages

Small businesses and even medium sized businesses on the World Wide Web spend a lot of marketing dollars on getting visitors to their website. When they think of a "landing page," they dump their visitors right onto their home page.  This is not the best use of advertising and marketing dollars.  This is all part of the website optimization process. When you spend a lot of money on getting visitors to your website, you want to determine where your visitors will land as a result of your ad. Th [...]
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Ten Great Book Description Headlines and Why They Work

Ten Great Book Description Headlines and Why They Work How You Can Dominate Amazon With These Amazon Book Descriptions Here I list just the headline without the name of the book or the author because I want you to just focus on the headlines. Naturally, a headline can go hand in hand with the books title, but I am presenting this way for simplicity. So without further delay, here 10 great headlines from real authors on Amazon   Can One Great Presentation Make You Rich? T [...]
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