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Don’t Let Your Customer Download a Preview of Your Book Without Getting Their Info

Don’t Let Your Customer Download a Preview of Your Book  Without Getting Their Info That’s the deal you make with your customer. “You give me your name and email, I will give you a preview of my book.” Your sales page is what gets them excited about your book. You need to have your audience make that commitment. Your email list will sell more books than anything else. (And don’t forget that your book is that gateway to your higher level services). Too many authors offer a book preview [...]
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Why Your Book Isn’t Selling on Amazon and Elsewhere

Why Your Book Isn’t Selling on Amazon and Elsewhere Your book isn’t selling on Amazon is because of the belief that a fancy title and a snazzy book cover—in which you spent several hundred dollars on—will sell the book. Or the false belief that you just need to send more and more people to your book and they will buy. No. The reason your book isn’t selling is because you’re not selling your book. And to sell your book, you need a sales pitch. I know it’s like sleazy or something [...]
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Things to Watch Out For When Outsourcing Your Project Online

One popular way getting your website designed and developed at an inexpensive price would be to outsource your project overseas or to some other part of the country (where it may cheaper, such as rural areas).  You can try:, Base Camp, Huddle and Elance.   Elance(now Upwork) Elance is probably one of the first and most popular places to outsource your website project to offshore developers.   There are certainly many pitfalls to this process as well. Some Quick Tips about s [...]
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