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How to Love Junk Mail

If you are a business owner and you are involved in doing your own marketing such as magazine ads, marketing postcards and e-mails, do not ignore the junk mail that you get from other businesses.  Cherish them.  Getting junk mail is your best marketing education and a great for finding new prospects.  You should relish it and bring it on.  For two main reasons: #1 You have just found a new prospect to put on your mailing list. #2 You can learn from these mailings and see how they have affect [...]
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How FREE Offers Can Mean Huge Profits

My Pen Story Several years ago, I was at a small-business expo in Raleigh, North Carolina where I was assailed by a vendor of a real estate agency. This excitable man was convinced that I needed a free pen: “Here!” he said, pushing his promotional, logo laden pen into my face. “No, thanks,” I said politely as I walked on by. “But, it’s FREE,” he bellowed, wiggling the pen in my face. “I KNOW,” I responded with equal vigor, looking over my shoulder walking away. This vendor lat [...]
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