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Adding Value AFTER You Make a Purchase

I've been buying stuff on Amazon for over 15 years now, and just today was the first time I received an e-mail from the seller. The product I purchased was some vitamins. The seller sent me an e-mail to give me some tips on how to use their product and how to stay healthy. Now, that's adding value after the fact. Below is the e-mail I received: Hi Ash, Your order of Neuro-Peak just shipped! To track your package, you can view your order here . By choosing Neuro-Peak, you’ve taken an excelle [...]
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Stupid Ads I Found in Magazines: Episode 1

This may or may not be a continuing series. It all depends how annoyed I get. Here you’ll find my rants about bad ads, and you will find my good advice on what to do to make them better. Below are the first four ads I saw in my latest issue of Popular Science magazine that leave me speechless. Maybe, I haven’t been  paying attention or maybe I have, but seeing these ads I just had to say something. [caption id="attachment_1111" align="alignnone" width="640"] This headline says nothing ab [...]
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7 Very Important Lessons That Can Make You a Success on Shark Tank

1) You must be 100% devoted to your business. There have been quite a few pitches on Shark Tank where the product was right, the price was right and the timing was right.  But the one thing the sharks didn’t like was a lack of 100% of total commitment to the business. Some contestants didn’t seem like they had the drive, but most importantly, there were some contestants who had another job or business on the side. And the sharks just didn’t like that. And some contestants had family c [...]
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