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3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Your Amazon Book Description

1) Better Reviews – Meeting Expectations. The number one reason why you get a bad review on for your book on Amazon is because the book didn’t meet you customer’s expectations. Go ahead, and read the reviews. You’ll see a clear pattern. The book didn’t live up to the hype. Either the cover, the title or the book description led the reader to believe that what he was getting was something other than what he actually got, and now he’s disappointed. Your Amazon book description is th [...]
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Why Great Customer Service Can Mean Money in the Bank

I recently was looking into Squarespace to develop a new website for myself. You’ve probably seen the Super Bowl ad with John Malkovich. I had new product to launch, so I was looking for alternatives to WordPress. Since I had used an online development tool before (Unbounce for landing pages), I seriously considered Squarespace. I also know of one person who has used Squarespace, and she said it was easy to set up. She had no web experience so it was perfect for her. Since I had lots of exper [...]
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Close Your Twitter Account Today

If you’re not actively using your Twitter account, you should probably close it. Having a Twitter account that isn’t active just makes you look bad. Since many businesses don’t actively update their website with any content with a date on it, I will personally confirm whether a business is still alive by going to their Twitter account. If they haven’t posted in a few years, I assume to things: 1) They went belly up or 2) They're too lazy to take care of their Twitter account. In eith [...]
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Why You Should Use Long Copy in Your Ads

Think about this for a moment. Think about the last time you went to a salad bar at a restaurant…was there an expectation of you eating the whole salad bar? No! You were expected to pick and choose ONLY the items you wanted. Some lettuce leaves, a few tomatoes here and there, a crouton and… voila, you now have the salad that YOU want. That’s what you should be giving your customer every time you sell a product. You should be giving them a salad bar of options to choose from. And only lon [...]
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Why You Need a Direct Response Copywriter

The internet has made everything into direct response marketing. Mass media like television was all about building a brand. They wanted to build a brand in your mind, so you will remember that brand when you go shopping at the store sometime later. But today everything is instantaneous. When you shop online, you are looking at the product and buying it right then and there. Sure, you must have a brand, but it doesn’t have to be memorable with jingles, catch phrases and taglines. If you sell o [...]
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Why Good Copywriting Won’t Be Outsourced Anytime Soon

We all know from history that the best of skills become obsolete at one time or another. Here’s a quick list of skillsets (and their replacements) that these people probably thought would go on forever—and the reason why they’re gone today: Tailor/Seamstress—Mail order, cheap clothes, casual wear, fat people Telegraph/Telephone Operator—automated switch boards Travel agents—Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline,, Travelocity, etc. Typist—personal computer   Things that h [...]
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