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The Brief

Who: I’m Ash Waechter (pronounced wekter), and I’m a professional freelance sales copywriter serving education and training professional businesses and organizations.

What: I create persuasive sales copy for online and offline media.

Where: I work from a home office, and I serve clients from all over. All client contact is done via e-mail, phone and instant messaging, or an online platform of your choosing (i.e. Basecamp).

Why: If you need to get ahead of your competitors, there is only one way you will be able to accomplish that—and that’s through professional persuasive sales copy.

How: Contact me through this website. We talk. You send me your materials. I review. I get started right away.

When: Sales copy for landing pages, websites, etc. can be 1-2 weeks. Sales letters can be 2-4 weeks. And sales e-mails can be less than a week.

A Little About Me…

Dear Visitor,

I’m going to tell you a little about me, how I got started and how I can help you get the followers you want…

When I was in high school, my roommate gave me a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Wait, what? High school?

Oh, yeah, I neglected to tell you. I went to boarding school during my high school years. In fact, I’ve been institutionalized since I was ten. My family and friends don’t like it when I say “institutionalized,” but that’s the truth. I went away to boarding school since I was ten years old. More about that later. Maybe.

So, where was I? Oh, yeah. My roommate in high school gave me a copy of Dale Carnegie’s eponymous book. Actually, he didn’t really just give it to me. I asked about it.

And he begrudgingly said, “Oh, my parents gave this to me. I don’t want it.  Take it.”

You see, in high school, everyone is very self-conscious about having friends and being part of the in-crowd, so my roommate felt that way about the book that I discovered as he was unpacking his bag from Thanksgiving break.

And if the book was just titled How To Win Friends, I would have never even asked about the book. In fact, I probably would have looked at the book, then at my roommate and rolled my eyes. And I might have even muttered, “Hey, aren’t we friends?”

But that’s not how it went down.

What attracted me to the book was the second part of the title: How to Influence People. Who doesn’t want to do that? Being the youngest of three boys, I always wanted to influence my older brothers in any way I could.

So, that book, How to Win  Friends and Influence People was a real eye opener for me. I applied many of the methods discussed in the book. I wish I applied more, but I didn’t. Unfortunately, my personal-development kind of stalled after that book. In fact, I didn’t even really know I was on a personal -development journey. As someone who had lots of friends in high school and college, I didn’t think I really needed personal -development.

What I needed was some damn good grades. With the exception of History, English and Spanish, my grades really didn’t make the grade. Pun intended. I graduated near the end of my class.

I won’t detail every moment of my life, but I think the second self-help book I read was

How to Argue and Win Every Time by Gerry Spence, the western wearing lawyer from Wyoming. The only thing I remember getting out of it was to not argue. At first, I thought it was a stupid concept but I later applied it in many situations and it worked like a charm.

Later in college, I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It was a real eye opener for me.

So when I got into direct response copywriting, serving the self-help community was a natural choice for me. I wish I was more involved with self-help books when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was in  my mid-twenties where I started to educate myself in earnest.

I never felt I got a really good education in school. Yes, I went to a private boarding school and a prestigious college, but all the courses in Spanish, Geometry, Chemistry, really didn’t get me anywhere. I wish there were more courses on how to balance a check book, how to sell yourself in a job interview, how to get what you want, and so on.

Those are the courses that would have excited me, but our education system doesn’t want that. Anyway, I’m here to help self-help authors, speakers, and coaches get the word out about their excellent services.


Ash Waechter

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Self-Help & Personal Development Copywriting

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